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The Best Way to Start a Shopping Day

When I say shopping, I don't really mean going out with the intention of burning through the cash in your wallet; but you know how those things usually go...

You set out to "just look" at the music store where you see a big red SALE sign, and you end up getting hooked on exciting pro-mark marching band at guitar center. Either that or you come out of the bookstore with a load heavy enough to give your biceps a good workout.

But to do all that without falling flat on your face, it's best to start the day right - with Italian pizza!
Pizza Turandot
Cafe Puccini at the Fort Strip is one of the homiest looking food establishments in the area. We've only been there once, and only for a quick coffee stop, but today, before I got cranky due to hunger, we decided to sit down and eat. 

The judgement? That pizza was yummy-licious. The mixture of cheese, eggplant, mushroom, onions, and anchovies was just right for breakfast (although it was already midday), and the dough was perfect.

Just make sure you don't put too much Tabasco as I did, or you'll suffer for the rest of the day; but that's a story for another post.

If you're in the area, though, and you want a laid back place to eat (and drink), visit Cafe Puccini and load up on energy for an afternoon of walking and shopping.

Outside dining area

View of the plaza


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