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Need Book Recommendations!

I've been doing a lot of reading before going to bed lately - well, I fall asleep in the middle of a chapter most of the time - and I'm in need of new books to read. I've just finished all books the Wheel of Time - a huge chunk of my life over. I also finished the Dragonlance Chronicles - I like it so much I think a reread later this year is in order.

I don't feel like rereading A Song of Ice and Fire yet, as I have decided to keep the books and the HBO series separate as much as possible PLUS I doubt George R.R. Martin will have the next book ready by the time I get done with my rereading.

I do have a lot of other things that can keep me occupied. Tons of work backlog being the main thing, but there's also comics, which I have am slowly getting suckered in to.

There's music, which has always played a integral role in my keeping reality away. ;)

I think I've seen more music videos and browsed more musical instrument sites more this past month than the last year combined! And, while I am a guitar person, I even find myself looking at an exciting gibraltar drum rack shock microphone mount from time to time. Then there's the idea of picking up a playing a musical instrument again...

But I digress. I need something to lull me to sleep at night. I need a new book (or series) that will take me away to beddybye land...

So, do you have any books to recommend?


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