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Little Tokyo Revisited: Rio Zen

View of the garden

I wanted ramen tonight, especially since my tummy needed loving after acting up this afternoon. Thank God for Little Tokyo and its numerous ramen houses. This time, we decided to try another restaurant, Rio Zen.
And as usual, we went for the mixed sashimi platter. The waitress just didn't seem to be the brightest cookie in the jar, and while she confirmed that there was salmon in the platter, there was not a hint of the fish!

In any case, what fish was there was fresh and really good, and for PHP400, it sure was worth it. Compare this with the platter with the one at Nodasho.

Mixed sashimi platter
But since it was ramen I was craving all evening, Miso Ramen had to be on the table as well. With all the hype surrounding fancy ramen houses these days, it was refreshing to have a bowl of bare bones real Japanese ramen.
Miso ramen
 And, for on the side, kimchi!
With drinks, a meal for two for PHP1000 in Makati = WIN!


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