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Digital Walker Eastwood Has a Big Sale Going On

Yesterday, in a quest for normalcy, I went out of my way (literally) to work in a different setting. It did work to a certain degree, and in the evening, we went around to visit old hunting grounds.

We regularly visit hardware and supply stores - it's therapeutic in its own way, and although you can do so from the comforts of home, like browsing through reid supply website, there is something about sneaking in 30 minutes or so at the local hardware as well.

If you're a tech head, though, and you are a sucker for sales, better head over to Digital Walker in Eastwood City. They're one of our go-to stores for iPhone/iPad accessories, and they have regular sales, but the one they're having right now is HUGE.

Take this iPhone 4/4S Peanuts case. It's not one of those Chinese knockoffs, and it usually costs PHP 1,250, but I got it for PHP 100!

Then there's this HEX watchband for the small nano. I have never wanted one because I thought they looked silly and I'd never use it if I got one anyway.

For PHP300 pesos, though, and in RED, I went for it. I suppose it will be put to good use when I go on my walks (albiet rare ones).

While there are still many items at regular price, the ones that are on sale - iPad cases, sleeves, and phone cases for different models - are worth the trip to the store.


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