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Need Book Recommendations!

From I've been doing a lot of reading before going to bed lately - well, I fall asleep in the middle of a chapter most of the time - and I'm in need of new books to read. I've just finished all books the Wheel of Time - a huge chunk of my life over. I also finished the Dragonlance Chronicles - I like it so much I think a reread later this year is in order.

Loving Geekify's Auryn Pendant

The other day, I got a nice little package from the post office. The guys at Geekify sent me this. Auryn Pendant from Neverending Story I worked with them on a giveaway over at ForeverGeek , and they went out of their way to send me a token. Unnecessary it may be for them to do that, my thanks goes out to the guys. You rock! Geekify has lots more cool stuff - Game of Thrones fans, you have got to check their Etsy Shop . Get your credit card out!

Rolling Stone's Top 10 Guitarists of All Time

I've obviously been spending a lot of time on YouTube. Trying to immerse myself in a different world? Maybe. This video of Rolling Stone's Top 10 Guitarists of All Time is rather interesting, though, and while many of my favorite guitarists are not included, you can't really argue with the list. I'm not such a geek when it comes to the instruments they use, so it makes one wonder which brands/models they all prefer - yamaha electric guitars? Fenders? I'm sure Google will serve up the answer in an instant...see you later!

Doctor Who 50 Years The Essential Guide

I like nice surprises, and these days, I haven't had any of that; so today was a really good one! Not feeling very well this afternoon, I didn't really even enjoy a visit to Fully Booked, which is so unusual for me. I actually sat this one out at the Starbucks inside the store, willing myself to feel better. After, though, I got this nice surprise. Doctor Who 50 Years The Essential Guide

Little Tokyo Revisited: Rio Zen

View of the garden I wanted ramen tonight, especially since my tummy needed loving after acting up this afternoon. Thank God for Little Tokyo and its numerous ramen houses. This time, we decided to try another restaurant, Rio Zen.

Digital Walker Eastwood Has a Big Sale Going On

Yesterday, in a quest for normalcy, I went out of my way (literally) to work in a different setting. It did work to a certain degree, and in the evening, we went around to visit old hunting grounds. We regularly visit hardware and supply stores - it's therapeutic in its own way, and although you can do so from the comforts of home, like browsing through  reid supply website , there is something about sneaking in 30 minutes or so at the local hardware as well. If you're a tech head, though, and you are a sucker for sales, better head over to Digital Walker in Eastwood City. They're one of our go-to stores for iPhone/iPad accessories, and they have regular sales, but the one they're having right now is HUGE. Take this iPhone 4/4S Peanuts case. It's not one of those Chinese knockoffs, and it usually costs PHP 1,250, but I got it for PHP 100!

Desolation Row

I've been listening to awesome soundtracks lately, and Desolation Row has stuck with me these past few days. Originally by Bob Dylan, it has haunting lyrics to match the melody. And though her eyes are fixed upon Noahs great rainbow She spends her time peeking Into desolation row

The Best Way to Start a Shopping Day

When I say shopping, I don't really mean going out with the intention of burning through the cash in your wallet; but you know how those things usually go... You set out to "just look" at the music store where you see a big red SALE sign, and you end up getting hooked on exciting pro-mark marching band at guitar center. Either that or you come out of the bookstore with a load heavy enough to give your biceps a good workout. But to do all that without falling flat on your face, it's best to start the day right - with Italian pizza! Pizza Turandot

Chelsea's Cookie Dough Cheesecake Might the Best I've Had in Manila

Today, I had what could very well be the best cheesecake I've had in the city. Not much to be said, really, except that every element blended well together, and the cookie dough bits gave the cake added texture. Not too sweet, and not overly creamy as well. I haven't had much of Chelsea Market & Cafe's  food, and their coffee, though it's supposed to be Illy doesn't really stand out, BUT this Cookie Dough Cheesecake is more than enough for one to brave the traffic to Serendra. Cookie Dough Cheesecake

Tapella by Gaudi at Greenbelt, Makati

These past months have wrought so many changes in our lives, but we do what we have to do, and sometimes, we find time to go out and enjoy new things. The other weekend, we did some errands and shopped for birthday gifts as well. As is usual after a long "stroll" in the mall, I was half dead by late afternoon, and when we stumbled upon Tapellas in a quiet corner of Greenbelt 5, it was a no brainer. Spanish food - yes, please! One of the first things that striked me was how the lighting inside was just right. Sure, there is a place and time for psychedelic lighting like exceptional club lighting scorpion at musicians friend, but for a quiet dinner when you can barely stand, "dimmish" light is perfect.

Taste Central Puts the Quick in Delivery

I have been a Taste Central customer for less than a year, if I am not mistaken; but in that short period, I have had nothing but good experiences. Their food inventory is satisfactory, especially since they carry items that are not easily found in local supermarkets (although Biscoff has gone viral it seems). What I love most about the site is their on going sales, which always shopping worthwhile. In fact, I don't think we've ever bought anything from them that's not on sale.