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Audio-cally Spoiled

I'm sitting here trying to sort out the slew of thoughts and emotions running through me, which has been happening more often in recent days. I have hope, though, that the future will be better, much better.

One thought that keeps hitting me again and again is how spoiled I have become, audio-cally speaking. (I know there is a real word for that, but I just don't have the energy to think of/search for it right now).

I have no idea what I'm listening to right now, but anything from David Draiman to Metallica to Vaya con Dios to Andrea Bocelli works any time.

And now I can't help but be grateful this audio setup we have. It probably won't meet the standards of hardcore audiophiles (now I know that's a real word), but this Onkyo amp/5-speaker setup really helps one feel better when listening to music.

Don't get me wrong - I still rely heavily on my Klipsch earphones (I wouldn't mind looking at new numark headphones as my pair is several years old, to be honest), but the living room/entertainment room's sound setup just makes everything better.

Even when you have those thoughts that you'd rather not think about. Especially since then.


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