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Anything to Feel Better

Remember that "old" song by Santana and Steven Tyler "Just Feel Better"? I used to listen to it all the time and lately, it's been on my mind again. So what can one to do feel better? Anything, after all, covers so much territory! Online shopping ! Look at stuff like good vox ac15 at guitar center - it doesn't get better than that!. Of course, there are other feel good items like bags and sandals on sale, and I don't even have to get off my comfy couch.

Discovering Little Tokyo

Discovering new places to eat and hang out is something we all enjoy, and while I can't eat as much as I used to, there is one go-to food that I know won't trigger an attack: sashimi and sushi! One of the things that I disliked about moving to another city is that my favorite Japanese fusion restaurant doesn't have a branch here. Last week, we discovered something even better: Little Tokyo, which is walking distance from where we live! Sure, I break a sweat on the way, but that's a side benefit anyway! There are many restaurants in Little Tokyo, naturally, but we settled on Nodasho , mainly because it had empty tables. I wanted ramen, but eventually ended up with a sashimi platter.

Audio-cally Spoiled

I'm sitting here trying to sort out the slew of thoughts and emotions running through me, which has been happening more often in recent days. I have hope, though, that the future will be better, much better. One thought that keeps hitting me again and again is how spoiled I have become, audio-cally speaking. (I know there is a real word for that, but I just don't have the energy to think of/search for it right now). I have no idea what I'm listening to right now, but anything from David Draiman to Metallica to Vaya con Dios to Andrea Bocelli works any time. And now I can't help but be grateful this audio setup we have. It probably won't meet the standards of hardcore audiophiles (now I know that's a real word), but this Onkyo amp/5-speaker setup really helps one feel better when listening to music. Don't get me wrong - I still rely heavily on my Klipsch earphones (I wouldn't mind looking at new numark headphones as my pair is several years old,

Welcome to Our Jungle

I once killed a cactus,  although I did my best to keep it alive. This balcony "jungle" is thus a testament of how stubborn I can be. After all, any little patch of green with splashes of color in the city offers a huge respite.

My TARDIS Necklace

This one's a quickie, a shoutout to awesome online jewelry slash accessory stores out there. Right before Christmas, I got a nice little package from the Post Office, and guess what was inside? A silver necklace with a pendant that's bigger on the inside. I almost never go out without it now! Got this one from the cool people of Boutique Academia , where you can find all sorts of geeky and nerdy stuff. If you're looking for something on the more formal side, though, check out