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Three Things I am Grateful for Today: An Experiment

Today, I was told that whenever I feel low and start getting agitated - which I have been a lot in recent times - I should name three things that I am grateful for. This is something that many of us know in theory - a grateful heart is the best cure for the blues. In practice, though, it is not always that easy. It's like saying "Think positively", "Control your thoughts", and so on.

In any case, I do want to have a more positive outlook and to stop feeling blue all the time. So here I am, naming three things I am grateful for today. Taking things one step further, I am writing them on my blog so I am accountable to the handful of people who actually read my ramblings.

I haven't had a serious pancreatic attack since I got out of the hospital.
This may very well be the biggest thing I can be thankful for today, as I have not been feeling 100% recently. Its not that I am in an awful lot of pain, but I have been feeling more than a little discomfort. I know I can do better in terms of eating regularly, but I have been watching what I eat, especially during the week. Still, I know how bad things can get, and I am thankful that my health is still (somewhat) good.

I have a job that I enjoy.
Sure, it is not without stress. I have been under quite some stress lately, but it's still nothing compared to what I faced when I was in the corporate world. Working at home (or wherever) has long been one of my dreams, and I am living it. After all, stress and complications are part of life - even dreams.

I've got a fridge full of goodies.
I love to eat and drink, and while I may not be allowed to eat and drink as much as I used to (with a limited selection as well), I am not that restricted. And, I am fortunate enough to indulge in buying goodies that delight me - even though it's a temporary thing.

So how do I feel now? I don't know. I guess I'll read this post over and over again till I realize how fortunate I am.

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