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Operation Finding Dory

The girl went by many names. Each name corresponded with certain parts of her life, with certain circles of people.

No matter which name was used to call her, though, she knew one thing: her true name.

The magicians of old knew the true names of all creatures - living and inanimate alike - and they were able to exert control with this knowledge. The girl alone knew her true name, and even if she didn't ever reveal it to anyone, she knew that her true name equates to that which everyone is striving for: happiness.

She was a happy girl.

Sure, she could be silly, too. She did weird things that adults were not supposed to do, especially in public, but she didn't care.

She was a happy girl.

Somewhere along the road, the girl got distracted. She's like that - she gets distracted so easily. She lost sight of her real self, and as a result, she found herself always feeling sad.

She always had her own world, but that didn't make her sad. Quite the opposite - she found her world much more interesting!

She found a friend to enjoy her world, and that didn't make her sad, too. Contrarily, she enjoyed sharing and giving.

What happened to the happy girl?

She's not sure..

But this, she does know: she'll find that happy girl again; create her if she has to. Go ka-ka as much as she wants to.

Have you seen her around lately? Hint: She speaks whale, too.


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