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I Want a Ukelele

I don't know why, but this has been on my mind for about a week now. I want a ukelele. Not a mandolin. Not a guitar. Not a banjo. A ukelele. I can easily blame Amanda Palmer for this, but I have not read anything about her or watched her in the last weeks. All I know is that I want a ukelele, but I am hoping that this is one of those urges that will not be satisfied. Image via Moore Bettah

Shopwise and Rustan's Selling Expired Products!

[UPDATED: June 25, 5:38PM] I just got off the phone with the store manager of the Shopwise branch where I got the expired salad dressing. (As it happened, a friend of mine is friends with the marketing director of the Rustan's brand, and she hooked us up yesterday.) I've been told that the stock is being re-checked and that stringent measures are being implemented to avoid similar incidents in the future. I also made a boo-boo about the dates on the Casino biscuits - being a French brand, they follow the European way of writing down dates, so the box was not expired after all; so, that portion has been removed below. I do appreciate the people reaching out, and I hope that sharing my experience has made a difference. (Remember to ALWAYS check dates as tedious as it may be sometimes.) Thank you, Ana and Jo!  Let me get this straight right away: I am a regular Shopwise customer. I've lived in three cities in the past 10 years, and I have always gone to Shopwise at least

Things You Shouldn't Do After the Spurs Lose Game 6 of the NBA Finals I think that was the best AND worst $3.99 I spent. Ever. It was a roller coaster of a game. Timmy showed up to play. Manu could have been so much better. Parker was stellar. We lost, and that's that. I did learn, though, that there are certain things you shouldn't do after such a loss. Now I am not saying I did these things - we do learn vicariously, after all - but trust me, these things should be no man's land after the Spurs lose such a crucial game. 5. Whine about a foul that was not called. You win some. You lose some. Whining about such things will just make you look like, well, a whiner. 4. Binge eat.  The after effects just make you sick. 3. Think about just how old Timmy and Manu are. Old warriors never die, yes, but they can lose games. 2. Engage in conversation with non-basketball fans. Unless you want your frustration to escalate, if that's even possible. Or if you want to look like a blabbering fool. 1. Watch Adele at the frakking

Twiddling Thumbs

"There's no such thing as boredom!" I've always had it in my head that my mom said that often as I was growing up, but I am not so sure about the accuracy of the words. What I do know is that whenever I would find myself bored and listless as a kid, mom would always just point to the bookshelf. We didn't have a TV. We only had one old clunky radio. But we had books. Lots of books. Image credit

Operation Finding Dory

The girl went by many names. Each name corresponded with certain parts of her life, with certain circles of people. No matter which name was used to call her, though, she knew one thing: her true name. The magicians of old knew the true names of all creatures - living and inanimate alike - and they were able to exert control with this knowledge. The girl alone knew her true name, and even if she didn't ever reveal it to anyone, she knew that her true name equates to that which everyone is striving for: happiness . She was a happy girl.

Slice of Contentment

Sometimes, peace just dawns on you without you thinking about it. It catches you off guard, and when it does, you just continue sitting there basking in contentment. I can't explain it. Sitting outside the mall with raindrops splattering one occasionally, one would hardly think that's the recipe for calm.  Yet here I am, looking at that view, feeling that rare moment of serenity. I welcome it.