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Love Notes to My Pancreas

Our dear pancreas,

We get it. We totally do.

We've been ignoring you for practically our entire lives. We didn't show you the appreciation and respect you warranted. We took you for granted.

And now, you've decided to make yourself felt. Literally.

When you had that major flare up in January, we were all taken aback. We were terrified. All of us didn't know what was going on until the doctors showed major concern. Even then, we weren't really fully aware of the impact of your tantrum.

We appreciate you now, and we would like to let you know how we feel. Please read our love notes with an open mind, and know that no offense is meant.

The rest of Numi's body

"I know you play a large role in digesting the food that I get, but please do understand that I hurt, too. If I don't get enough food, do I not feel pain? If there isn't anything to digest, don't my juices kill my lining? Let's find a compromise, shall we?" ~The stomach

"We understand that you don't like being overworked, but one slice of bread at a time can barely be called work, can it? Please understand that we like tasting good stuff - oily, greasy, creamy, flavorful food. We don't ask that you deal with them every day, but when we do have the need to be satisfied, can you possibly not act up and mess up the entire system?" ~The tastebuds

"Do you know how awesome the smell of pork and/or beef on a grill can be? I guess not. That's not your function, I know. But, whenever I smell my favorite dishes cooking, it's pure torture not being able to give in because of you." ~The nose

"You're a manipulative organ, do you know that? I am supposed to be the one capable of reasoning here, but when you do your thing, you override reason. You limit me because of your threats of pain. You limit everyone because of that. Can't we all just get along?" ~The brain

"They're all complaining, it looks to me, but I thank you. I thank you that I have to work less now that there is no alcohol that I have to process. Numi's eating habits have become healthier as well, so I do not have to deal with a lot of toxins. So, thank you. Just don't act up and make me hurt, too, please?" ~ The liver

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