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Boho Sarapsody Bistro - For a Laid Back Night Out

I used to be a going out person, although I never really thought of myself that way. Thanks to old blog posts and Facebook status updates and photos, it seems that I had (have?) that outgoing side.

No doubt I still like going out now and then, but it's more about a relaxing, quiet evening than a rowdy, drunken one. I have to admit that the no alcohol part is more health-enforced than voluntary, but all's good.

So last night, I went to this "new" place called Boho Sarapsody Bar. It's on Ermin Garcia St. in Cubao - a place I had never heard of before.
I'm glad I went because I think I've discovered a good hangout for when you just want to sit outside and not think too much. This painting on the wall outside will make sure you forget whatever it is that is bugging you.

There was also this curiosity of a bike.


Last night, they did have live music. A girl with a wonderful voice and some people jamming. I don't know if it's a regular thing, though, and to be honest, if all you really want is a quiet evening, canned music in that setting is good enough. Still, I believe they feature local musicians regularly. From what I gathered last night, many of the people who were there were also musicians  - the cool kind. I could easily imagine them enjoying cajons and jamming all night. It was an eclectic mix last night, from an acoustic guitar player to a keyboard player to a sax player - I think I even heard a harmonica at some point. And yes, you can go up and sing or play if you so desire. 


Since we were there for a while, we had quite a few plates. They only serve a handful of dishes, mainly bar chow. What I really liked was this chicken fingers dish with blue cheese and fries. It was very spicy, just about as spicy as I can handle. The Country Fries was awesome, too, with fried mushroom that tastes like bacon!

I am afraid I went against my low fat regulation, but hey, it's not like I do it often!

The verdict

If you want to get away from places where people go to be seen and to see, I recommend checking Boho out. Beer's cheap. Bar chow's not your usual, but will fill you up. Check out their Facebook page for more info.


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