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Boho Sarapsody Bistro - For a Laid Back Night Out

I used to be a going out person, although I never really thought of myself that way. Thanks to old blog posts and Facebook status updates and photos, it seems that I had (have?) that outgoing side. No doubt I still like going out now and then, but it's more about a relaxing, quiet evening than a rowdy, drunken one. I have to admit that the no alcohol part is more health-enforced than voluntary, but all's good. So last night, I went to this "new" place called Boho Sarapsody Bar. It's on Ermin Garcia St. in Cubao - a place I had never heard of before.

How to Be Alone

In many societies, being alone is looked down upon, and the person who is alone is sometimes pitied. It is thus understandable why there are people who are averse to being alone. Then there are those who seek solitude amidst the crowds. Some crave it simply because that's how they are. Others run to it because of circumstances that make aloneness preferable to the alternatives. Wherever you stand in that wide spectrum of aloneness-companionship, this video by film maker Andrea Dorfman and poet/singer/songwriter Tanya Davis might be what you need to help you embrace that complex yet simple thing called aloneness. A commenter on the YouTube video wrote, 'We are all alone, but living with people make us forget that. We come to this world alone and so will we die. Never pursue people to fill the emptiness, but fill it from inside. You are never really alone if you find yourself!' Lovely, although I prefer to think that it's more a matter of creating yourself than f

Love Notes to My Pancreas

Our dear pancreas, We get it. We totally do. We've been ignoring you for practically our entire lives. We didn't show you the appreciation and respect you warranted. We took you for granted. And now, you've decided to make yourself felt. Literally. When you had that major flare up in January, we were all taken aback. We were terrified. All of us didn't know what was going on until the doctors showed major concern. Even then, we weren't really fully aware of the impact of your tantrum. We appreciate you now, and we would like to let you know how we feel. Please read our love notes with an open mind, and know that no offense is meant. Love, The rest of Numi's body