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Mango Tree Bistro at Trinoma

A couple of days ago was a special day, so while it was a working day for the most part, I squeezed in some time to go have a nice meal. I'm easy like that. While I wouldn't say no to a carrera tag heuer, a near-as-authentic as can be Thai dinner puts a smile on my face.

I'd never heard of Mango Tree Bistro before, but it was the most decent-looking place in that part of Trinoma, and the choice was perfect!

For starters, the ambiance was quite lovely, and they got the lighting absolutely right. It was not bright at all, as restaurants here are wont to be, and the dim surroundings ushered you into relaxation pleasantly.

As for the food, as much as I wanted to try more, it was just not possible. So it was green chicken curry and red chicken curry. (I've been suffering from heartburn recently and am trying to avoid beef. I know, curry is not exactly a smart choice, but I couldn't help it!) 

Green chicken curry

Oh, and Tom Yum Goong for starters...
Tom Yum Goong
To be honest, my first impression was that the soup was too sour, but that quickly disappeared as I enjoyed the full flavors of the soup.

I thought I was not going to manage dessert, but I just had to try the coconut custard with sweet corn. 
And it was good. As you can see, I managed just fine.

Of course, the meal had to be accompanied by real Thai beer: Singha.

The verdict?

I'm definitely going back for more. There are still so many dishes to try out, and that dessert alone is worth going back for.

It's a little pricey, but if you're craving for Thai, and you want that craving to be utterly satisfied, Mango Tree Bistro will do the trick.

Check out their menu here.


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