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Dreams Come True

Last night, I found myself browsing through my archives again. I don't know what I was looking for, but I did enjoy reading some of my old posts. One that struck me was written in May 2008 , and I loved how that post ended. "One last thing - I really wish I could work from home full time." I loved that line because of one thing: I am working from home (or the beach or wherever) full time. I started doing it in 2010, and it is an excellent reminder that dreams and wishes do come true if you look for ways and wait. That being said, while my week has been rather crazy at work, I look back to that dream many years ago. Image via nicopierce

Mango Tree Bistro at Trinoma

A couple of days ago was a special day, so while it was a working day for the most part, I squeezed in some time to go have a nice meal. I'm easy like that. While I wouldn't say no to a carrera tag heuer, a near-as-authentic as can be Thai dinner puts a smile on my face. I'd never heard of Mango Tree Bistro before, but it was the most decent-looking place in that part of Trinoma, and the choice was perfect!