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Wee Nam Kee, We Finally Meet Again!

Wee Name Kee at Serendra
Just like most people, when I crave for something, it won't go away until it is totally and utterly satisfied. For the past couple of months, Singaporean fastfood Wee Nam Kee.

I have always been partial to Hainanese Chicken Rice, even when all I had tried was the local version. Thus, when I first visited Singapore, this dish was practically what I ate every day, much to the dismay of my cousins after a couple of days.
Normally, this time of the year, I would be in Singapore. It's the F1 race this weekend after all. Due to many reasons, though, I am passing on this year's SG Grand Prix. (HINT: Sting in Manila in December)

Anyhow, back to the craving. Wee Nam Kee is supposed to have the best Hainanese Chicken ever, but here's a confession: I prefer Sgt. Chicken's version more!

Here in Manila, though, Wee Nam Kee is the best option in terms of availability and pricing, so I was rather excited to satisfy my craving earlier today. The sauces complete the meal, of course.

And the window display helped.

Just like at most any other place which serves Chicken Rice, you get to choose between steamed chicken and roast chicken.

Roast Chicken

Steamed Chicken
And here's the famous Chicken Rice with the complimentary bowl of soup.

The rice was drier than I prefer, and the soup was rather bland, but what the heck. The personal set cost only PHP168! (That's about USD 4.)

Wee Nam Kee does serve other dishes, and I was tempted to get Kang Kong (water spinach) and baby Kailan, but the prices turned me off.

 Bottom line: I'd return to Wee Nam Kee any time I get a craving, but I'd give an arm and a leg to go back to Singapore for Sgt. Chicken!

Sorry, Nikki Lou Baq. I couldn't wait!


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