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Bitten By the Nesting Bug?

I am not so sure if there is such a term, or if it even is the right term for what I am feeling.

It might come as a surprise, but recently, I have been having thoughts of obtaining a place I can call my own. And I mean buying, not renting.

Okay, now that I see it written, I am having a little trouble digesting that. Seriously, though, it would be nice to have a house or condo that is mine to call home.

It would be fun to go furniture shopping again and find an eclectic mix. How do bar stools and church seats sound?

I have no idea how I can manage this anytime in the near future, but knowing myself, once an idea takes hold, it won't go away till I do something about it. Still, I have to be realistic about this because I have a couple other prior commitments that are of a more urgent nature. Those have to be dealt with first before I even start looking at potential places.


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