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Aqui's Dedication and 1st Birthday Party

Boy, the years are really piling up on me! Last weekend, I went home for a short visit - mainly to celebrate my niece's first birthday and her dedication. In our faith, we do not christen or baptize babies. The counterpart is a dedication - which is patterned after Hannah dedicating her son Samuel to God.

Anyhow, the whole experience was great. How can it not be with all the cute children around?
Aqui being dedicated by her parents and the Pastor

This is Aqui in her party costume. She's such a cute little girl who's always ready to strike a pose for the camera!

Here's Sam with his favorite cousin, Qaelar.

And of course, we can't forget baby Eli, who loves balloons so much he hoarded them that night.

We tried to get a group photo of all the kids, but it proved to be hopeless.

They did enjoy the pool, though.


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