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Continuum: My Sci-Fi TV Show Pick This Year

I don't watch TV regularly, but when I do discover a show that catches my attention, I try to take the time to follow it. And if proves to be good, then the obsession begins. It always ends the same way...when the season ends and the break between seasons begin, I feel an inexplicable mixture of sadness and frustration. That's exactly how I feel right now after finishing the season finale of Continuum.

Bitten By the Nesting Bug?

I am not so sure if there is such a term, or if it even is the right term for what I am feeling. It might come as a surprise, but recently, I have been having thoughts of obtaining a place I can call my own. And I mean buying, not renting. Okay, now that I see it written, I am having a little trouble digesting that. Seriously, though, it would be nice to have a house or condo that is mine to call home. It would be fun to go furniture shopping again and find an eclectic mix. How do bar stools and church seats sound? I have no idea how I can manage this anytime in the near future, but knowing myself, once an idea takes hold, it won't go away till I do something about it. Still, I have to be realistic about this because I have a couple other prior commitments that are of a more urgent nature. Those have to be dealt with first before I even start looking at potential places.

Wee Nam Kee, We Finally Meet Again!

Wee Name Kee at Serendra Just like most people, when I crave for something, it won't go away until it is totally and utterly satisfied. For the past couple of months, Singaporean fastfood Wee Nam Kee. I have always been partial to Hainanese Chicken Rice, even when all I had tried was the local version. Thus, when I first visited Singapore , this dish was practically what I ate every day, much to the dismay of my cousins after a couple of days.

New Doors

Sometimes, you just don't know where you're going. Then out of nowhere, an idea hits you. An opportunity stares you in the face. What do you do? It can be scary, with all the uncertainties, but you can always close your eyes and jump. Business-wise, opportunities are knocking at my door, and I am more than thankful for them. I know I am being cryptic, but let's just say that if YOU see the slightest window of opportunity, go for it. Say you have a chance to make some money online but you are afraid you don't know much. Just do it! There are tools available - imcreator web page builder, WordPress tutorials, and so much more - and all you need is a willingness to learn and enter those new doors. Fear? Sure, it's going to be there. Just do it anyway. Image via 401(K) 2012

Aqui's Dedication and 1st Birthday Party

Boy, the years are really piling up on me! Last weekend, I went home for a short visit - mainly to celebrate my niece's first birthday and her dedication. In our faith, we do not christen or baptize babies. The counterpart is a dedication - which is patterned after Hannah dedicating her son Samuel to God . Anyhow, the whole experience was great. How can it not be with all the cute children around? Aqui being dedicated by her parents and the Pastor

Les Caraibes, Here I Come!

This weekend, I shall be looking at this sight with my own eyes. It's been months since I have been to the beach. Way. Too. Long. This will be a quickie of a trip - just the weekend, but I am going to make the most of it. As early as now, I am getting my plans together:  tanning store supplies , swimsuit, and change of clothes. That's all I need! Truth be told, the destination is not all that brilliant, at least not compared to the other beaches in the Philippines. However, it's the nearest beach area and the resort is the most affordable that I could find. Still, a beach is a beach, and as long as the sun comes out, it will be great. Is it Friday yet?

Monkey Business on Google+

Last week, my brother-in-law set up a Google Hangout for him, my sister, and me. I've never used Hangout before, and I've never had the desire or need to do so. That night, though, I didn't see any reason not to. We regularly use FaceTime for the kids anyway. The result? Silly fun. We were able to keep Eli still for a very short while, so I only got a couple of screenshots.