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Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong

I never thought I'd be writing a post with such a title. Movie buffs and/or people of my age (I don't think they're mutually exclusive) will recognize that song from the 1982 movie, An Office and a Gentleman.

I don't know how I got here - watching the movie in the background while working. I guess the non-stop rain in the past week or two has gotten me hooked on alternately staring at the TV and the laptop monitor. Even though the setup is not ideal - no premier mounts, no stuffed sofa, no A/C - I love it!
In any case, movies and TV shows + work. That's all there is to these past weeks. Oh, and add the trying to keep the flu at arm's length to that.

So back to the movie.

I am a bit familiar with the theme song. Okay, fine, I know it by heart. I even used to play it on the piano!

What I have never done is watch the movie, though. And now, a few minutes into the movie, I am startled by familiar language and somewhat familiar locations. The opening scenes seem to have been shot in the Philippines!

So I am acting like the "typical Pinoy" getting excited about ever little thing that has to do with my country. So what? I'm going back to the movie...


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