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This Is a Pinoy Boodle Fight

Boodle. It rhymes with poodle, but it has nothing to do with those cute little dogs. The only thing that might be related is the fact that people who participate in a Boodle (Fight) can get as excited as little poodles being taken out on a walk.

Seriously, though, a Boodle Fight is a fun way of dining with friends. If you want to let your hair down and simply enjoy good food and company, a Boodle Fight is the way to go.

First you cover the table with banana leaves. Forget fine china and silverware. It's back to the basics.

Prepping the table with banana leaves

Of course, in this modern day, there are distractions. In the midst of the preparation, we had to exert some effort as a group trying to figure out a drawing on DrawSomething.

Back to prepping...most of the food was already cooked: caldereta (beef stew in tomato sauce), squid in soy sauce, grilled chicken, grilled fish, salted egg/tomato/onion/grilled eggplant salad, and of course, rice. Lots of it.

All we needed was to place the food on top of the banana leaves. The trick is to place huge portions in different areas, so as to make all the different dishes accessible from any place at the table.

This may not be something we do every day, but we certainly enjoyed it! Using one's bare hands to eat may be unappealing, but for special occasions like this one, it simply adds to the fun. I have to admit that I cheated with a spoon at some point, though. ;)

Enjoying the Boodle Fight

The remains...


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