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This Neighborhood Loves Music

I have recently moved bases in the metro due to various reasons. Truth be told, prior to the move, I was feeling a good mix of emotions, the two predominant ones being anticipation and worry.

Anticipation because I believe the move to be a move to creating a new chapter in life; worry because the neighborhood is totally different from what I have gotten used to in the past several years.

Drastic change in so many aspects.

It's been a little more than two weeks, and I have to say that in spite of all the differences, I am totally fine. Maybe it's even safe to say that it is because of those differences.

One thing is for sure: the neighbors can't seem to get enough of music.

Yesterday, the guys next door were having a jamming session all day it seemed. I saw them walk in with some music equipment. With the sound that they were making, I wouldn't be surprised if they went to buy Vox Amplifiers at some point in the week.

Then there's the karaoke bar, which treats the entire street to the belting out of their patrons. Every night.

I have found it to be a slightly amusing activity to try and decipher the songs they are singing. Most of the time, I am astounded.

Sure, the sounds (and sights) in this area may leave some things to be desired. However, those little things that may be annoying also add a little more flavor - if you know what I mean.

Who knows, if I have had enough Jack in me, I might go down and join them for a night full of music. Not that it would make things sound any better.


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