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JayJ's Inasal: Almost Good as Home-cooked Filipino Meals

I'm a sucker for Filipino food, which is not at all surprising as I have lived in this country since the day I was born. Sure, I have visited a few other countries, and I will eat practically anything; but at the end of the day, Filipino food spells comfort food.

The thing is, I have issues finding home-cooked quality Filipino food when out. Maybe I just don't go to the right places. Or I am just to picky when it comes to the flavors I am used to.

I have found a place which I think does a pretty good job. Surprisingly, it's a chain.

JayJ's Inasal.

Here's a sampling of the dishes that I have tried AND liked.

Two-way adobo

This Two-way Adobo is awesome. It's called two-way because at the top, you'll get crispy pork flakes that almost melt in your mouth, and at the bottom, there are tender chunks of pork. If you have no idea what adobo is: the ultimate Filipino dish. Arguably.

Kilawin tanigue
Tanigue is a kind of fish that and kilawin means it's cooked in vinegar and lemon/lime. Think of it as ceviche. Perfect appetizer!

Bicol Express
This dish was named after a train that used to run from Manila to the province of Bicol (I think). It has pork, veggies, and lots of peppers. It is cooked in a coconut sauce, which serves as a counterpoint for the spice levels.
Water spinach stir fried in soy sauce and topped with toasted garlic.
The feast
Obviously, I didn't eat all that by myself, but if you're in Manila and you're looking for good local food for cheap, JayJ's is a good choice.


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