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JayJ's Inasal: Almost Good as Home-cooked Filipino Meals

I'm a sucker for Filipino food, which is not at all surprising as I have lived in this country since the day I was born. Sure, I have visited a few other countries, and I will eat practically anything; but at the end of the day, Filipino food spells comfort food. The thing is, I have issues finding home-cooked quality Filipino food when out. Maybe I just don't go to the right places. Or I am just to picky when it comes to the flavors I am used to. I have found a place which I think does a pretty good job. Surprisingly, it's a chain. JayJ's Inasal. Here's a sampling of the dishes that I have tried AND liked. Two-way adobo

Energy Boosters?

This just ought to be a poll. Or a call for help. I need an energy booster. Something that would pump me up and last for an entire day. I am just so low on energy today that even as I merely sit on the couch working, I need a neck pillow to prop my head up. Pity I can't find my trusty red one. Seriously, though, what is your best energy boosting tip? Image credit

The End to Back Pain?

For as long as I can remember, I have had problems with back pain. I even had to go see a "bone doctor" in high school because it got to a point that I could not sleep properly. The pain eventually went away, although it would come back with a vengeance now and then. In the recent months, however, I think I have found the perfect solution(s) to my chronic battle with back pain. Comfy chairs :  bean bag chairs from . It doesn't have to be those chairs (in fact, if you do not sit properly for long periods of time, it may very well be counterproductive). The idea is to make sure you have a comfortable seat and that you support your back.