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Streetfood Tycoon for iPad

Who would have thought? "Streetfood enthusiasts" now have a virtual alternative to going out to find the nearest food cart: Streetfood Tycoon.

This game was developed by Kuyi Mobile, a game development company based in the Philippines. They seem to pride themselves in creating a "new breed of mobile games". Although I am not quite sure what that means exactly, but I did find myself playing for hours and hours...and hours.


Your food cart

Streetfood Tycoon is very similar to the casual games (for PC) that flooded the market a year or so ago. Think Diner Dash and Burger Island. Streetfood Tycoon is much simpler than those games, though. Basically, you have a food cart which you need to equip. Obviously, when you start, you will have the most basic things. Filipinos would find this delightful mainly due to the food items for sale.

  • French fries
  • Hot dogs/corn dogs
  • Fish balls
  • Kwek-kwek (quail eggs dipped in batter and deep-fried)
These are staples that you can find in streetfood vendor stalls all over the country.

You can upgrade the food cart, the food items (kwek-kwek is not available initially), the location, and customers.

To-do List and Stats
These upgrades are purchases with the coins that you earn as you go about your business, but you can always opt to purchase game coins (with real money, of course), if you do not feel like waiting.

To sell food, you first check on the customer's order, as seen in the upper left of the screen cap. You then tap on the necessary components, and drag the completed order to the customer. The faster you go, the more people you can serve. If you are too slow, or you serve the wrong order, your customer walks away. Alternatively, if you make a mistake, you can simply trash the order and start over. You also have to clean up your cart now and then (it seems to happen after every third order) so that your customers will be satisfied. You do this by tapping on the sponge on the lower left of the screen.

You can monitor your performance via the Stats screen.
Streetfood Tycoon Stats

The Characters

Aside from the food, the characters - customers - make the game enjoyable. You initially have the basic customers, then you can buy upgrades. The humor might get lost on some if you are not familiar with the Filipino culture, but you definitely will not fail to recognize Hellen Degenerous. (Not sure about the spelling now)
Helen Degenerous
 Meet Lady Gogo, who loves hot dogs like nothing else.
Lady Gogo
I love the aliens, if only because they pay a LOT.
The famous (or infamous) boxer Manny Pacquiao. He buys a lot, but does not really tip well.
Moony Pukhyaw
Even our current President, Pee Noy, made it to the game.
Pee Noy
I found a bug :(
I really enjoyed playing the game - I sat at a coffee shop for at least four hours yesterday playing this game most of the time! However, I have to be honest and say that it got a little boring after a while. I just wanted to get all the upgrades, and move on to a new game.

The game is too simple to keep you engaged for a long time, and after getting all the upgrades, it does not seem to have much of a replay value. If they add upgrades, then things could be different.

Another thing is that I found a bug. A disappointing one.

My ultimate goal was to get food truck upgrade, but once I had bought it, nothing happened. I still had the same food cart I had before purchasing.

Restarting the game and the iPad didn't change anything, so I guess I'll have to give the game another go to see the food truck. ;)

Streetfood Tycoon is free at the App Store.


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