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Games and Distraction

"What does it matter to you? When you've got a job to do, you've got to do it well."

That's what I always sing in my head when I start feeling overwhelmed with work. I love my job - I have never been shy to admit that. Sometimes, though, I just get distracted by so many other things. C'est la vie, yes?

It doesn't help my case that I really do have a proclivity for distraction. Name it, and it will probably be a distraction for me.

Enter games.

Yes, I am talking about those wonderful pieces of code that catches the eye because of the graphics, sounds, and gameplay. I am not a hardcore gamer - although I do like playing games so much that I wouldn't mind having the freedom to purchase and build gaming computers all I want if I had the time and money. I do know how addicted I can become if I don't watch out. (Aside: There was a semester in uni when I stopped going to classes because of a certain game called The Sims.)
These days, I lean towards simpler games like Bejeweled Blitz, DrawSomething, Angry Birds (though I have not started on the space version as I really am trying to be focused), Tower Madness, and other "easy" iPad games. The point is to take a few minutes of break in between tasks. That always helps with productivity in the long run.

My problem is that I sometimes do not notice time flying by. That is, a few minutes turns into more than a few minutes.

This is a rant against myself. I know better than to allow myself to fall for distractions. Now I'll pat myself on the back for doing rather well today. May tomorrow be an even better day. ;)


  1. You stopped going to classes for a semester due to a game? That is the best class cutting story EVER. I wouldn't have guessed!


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