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A Night With the Oldies

The other night, I had a rather weird experience. I was not feeling too well - I can't remember why exactly - and I found myself watching old videos on YouTube. And when I say old, I mean old. Think MacGyver. Doesn't that bring back memories of paper clips, model planes , and duct tape? It didn't end there, though. See more of what/who I spent the night with after the jump.

Maya's Native Garden: Value for Money Accommodations in Moalboal

So much for writing for myself more often. The last trip I have been on has been over for more than a month now, and I still have not really written about it. I can always go and blame work, but I'll just take this one on the chin, and admit that I have not been able to manage my time well. Early in March, I headed off to Cebu for the nth time. That trip was a quite different from the others that I had in 2011 for several reasons. It was my first solo trip in a while. I was actually to spend time outside of Cebu City. I opted for the bus/trike ride instead of having the resort pick me up from the airport. It was a beautiful adventure.

Games and Distraction

"What does it matter to you? When you've got a job to do, you've got to do it well." That's what I always sing in my head when I start feeling overwhelmed with work. I love my job - I have never been shy to admit that. Sometimes, though, I just get distracted by so many other things. C'est la vie, yes? It doesn't help my case that I really do have a proclivity for distraction. Name it, and it will probably be a distraction for me. Enter games. Yes, I am talking about those wonderful pieces of code that catches the eye because of the graphics, sounds, and gameplay. I am not a hardcore gamer - although I do like playing games so much that I wouldn't mind having the freedom to purchase and build  gaming computers  all I want if I had the time and money. I do know how addicted I can become if I don't watch out. (Aside: There was a semester in uni when I stopped going to classes because of a certain game called The Sims.)

Streetfood Tycoon for iPad

Who would have thought? "Streetfood enthusiasts" now have a virtual alternative to going out to find the nearest food cart: Streetfood Tycoon. This game was developed by Kuyi Mobile , a game development company based in the Philippines. They seem to pride themselves in creating a "new breed of mobile games". Although I am not quite sure what that means exactly, but I did find myself playing for hours and hours...and hours.

Things Do Change as You Grow Older

Yesterday was Sluggish Saturday (my own fault). Today is (somehow) laidback and thoughtful Sunday. And as those days go, your mind tends to wander. Suddenly, like a hook, it snags on a specific stream of thought, and you just can't let go of it. Change. That's what I have been thinking of all day. Today's devotional reading was about change. I think that's why I cannot keep it out of my head. The years that add up and change. Some changes I have noticed - the good and the bad thrown in the mix. You become more open to different experiences , music included. I've posted about The Gotan Project, an awesome group that I can't stop listening to right now. If you had asked me five - no, even two - years ago, I would never have even considered listening to them. Now, I am not an audiophile. I know how to play some instruments but I am not skilled. While I don't mind looking at hardware like Morley Volume Pedals, I don't have anything except an ac