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Moalboal Solo Adventure: How to Get There

Moalboal, Cebu is one of the best diving areas in the Philippines. It is locate about 90 kilometres south of Cebu City. I have heard so much about this place, and when I saw it features on TV some years ago, I knew I'd visit it one day.

This year, I finally was able to make those plans reality.

How to get to Moalboal

There are several options when it comes to traveling from Cebu City to Moalboal. The most straightforward and convenient way is to ask your resort to pick you up from the airport Mactan. Of course, convenience has a price - a nice PHP 2500 at least.

The second option is to get a cab from the city. It is just as expensive, probably even more so. If you think about it, 90 km is not a distance to scoff at, and the cab will not have any fare going back, so the high prices the drivers will ask are rather understandable.

The third option is the most economical and adventurous way to do it: take public transportation. Some may balk at the idea, but it isn't that bad. Bear in mind that I did this on my own, and I more than survived the trip.

The public transport experience

Upon arriving at the Mactan airport, cross the street to get to the Departure Area. Right outside the doors is a taxi stand, where a long queue of cabs are waiting. They are all metered, with a PHP40 flag down rate. Ask the driver to take you to the South Bus Terminal. Depending on the traffic, it should take you about 30-45 minutes. Upon arriving at the terminal, the meter in the cab I took showed PHP225.

At the the terminal, just ask for the bus going to Moalboal - Ceres Bus Line. They have non-air on and air on buses,which run every 30 minutes. There weren't any air on buses when I arrived, though, so I just hopped on the regular bus. Fare to Moalboal is PHP100 for the regular bus, and PHP110 for the air con. Oh, you have to pay PHP10 for the terminal fee.

The driver and bus conductor were very helpful, and they will let you know once you get to the town centre of Moalboal. You won't miss it anyway! Once you get to the junction of Moalboal you will see tons of tricycles and motorbikes. You can take either to your beach resort. I stayed at Panagsama Beach, and the trike ride cost me PHP100. It took about 15 minutes to get there.

TOTAl COsT: PHP435. Now compare that to several thousands!

The thing is, you will have to realise that the bus isn't the most comfortable mode of traveling. More so, it keeps stopping to pick up passengers. There is also a mandatory stop at Barili town. This extended the travel time to almost 3 hours. If you don't mind a little discomfort, it is a perfectly acceptable way of traveling. And you get an opportunity to talk with the locals as well.

The V-hire option

There is another option to get to Moalboal, a happy medium between paying for private transport and taking the bus. The locals call it V-hire. It's basically small vans that ply the same route as the buses, but they only take about 18 people and don't stop along the way. The fare is PHP200, and you get out at Moalboal as well.

I saved this for last because I didnt experience it for myself and I am not sure how that goes. However, from other people's accounts, it is more comfortable. You can ask the cab driver to take you to the V-hire terminal going to Moalboal instead of to the South Bus Terminal.

Tomorrow, when I leave for Cebu City, I will be trying out the V-hire option instead if taking the bus.


  1. Oo nga daw. Pero okay na rin, minsan lang naman.

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  3. hi, same pa rin kaya fare fees sa ngayon? will go there on sept. . just looking for a budgeted vacay. :D

  4. I am not sure, but malamang it's still around the same amount. Call your hotel/resort na rin to ask. I suggest Maya's, where I stayed ( Really affordable rates but the cottages are big. You'll have to walk to get to the beach, though, and a short ride to White Beach, but it's worth it. If you do end up there, don't forget to try their tortilla soup, homemade bread, and plate of ribs. :)


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