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New Music: Gotan Project

They're definitely not new in the scene, but Gotan Project is a recent discovery for me. I must be getting old, as I would never have thought that I would enjoy this kind of music. Their music is an eclectic mix of new jazz, tango, dub, and trip-hop. Go figure. I have been listening to their first album as background music, and it does work! It does not get you all pumped up, but neither does it make you fall asleep. If anything, the music is rather sexy. This is my favorite track performed live. I suppose the idea of going South appeals to me as much as the music.

Moalboal Solo Adventure: How to Get There

Moalboal, Cebu is one of the best diving areas in the Philippines. It is locate about 90 kilometres south of Cebu City. I have heard so much about this place, and when I saw it features on TV some years ago, I knew I'd visit it one day. This year, I finally was able to make those plans reality. How to get to Moalboal There are several options when it comes to traveling from Cebu City to Moalboal. The most straightforward and convenient way is to ask your resort to pick you up from the airport Mactan. Of course, convenience has a price - a nice PHP 2500 at least. The second option is to get a cab from the city . It is just as expensive, probably even more so. If you think about it, 90 km is not a distance to scoff at, and the cab will not have any fare going back, so the high prices the drivers will ask are rather understandable. The third option is the most economical and adventurous way to do it: take public transportation . Some may balk at the idea, but it isn't th