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Music Is My Aeroplane

Music has always played a huge role in my life, and last week reminded me of how much I had been missing it. It's not like I do not have enough music to listen to, but with everything that has been going on, I just seemed to forget to put something on. Also, I simply didn't feel like listening to anything in particular.

After a day of simply sitting down and listening to song after song and watching music concert videos, I realized how much I missed that. Of course, the awesome sound setup helped a whole lot!

Now you know how much I like my "toys", but there is no way in this lifetime that I would be able to have a sound system that would blow my ears away. I don't need jewelry, a gold chain, rings, and all that bling. Seriously. I am more than happy with toys that play music, games, and allow me to work my butt of. :D Thank God for small favors (which are actually big, if I think about it) - a pair of Klipsch S4 earphones and an iPod Nano.
Inspiration comes in tiny packages.
Yes, inspiration does come in small packages, and I am very happy about this "setup". While I am yet base-less (read: still in the process of deciding when/where/if to get my own place), earphones are my best bet. I do not bother other people with the music. They isolate sound from the outside. They produce awesome-sounding music. I kid you not. Awesome is not an exaggeration in this case.

If you are in the market for earphones, I suggest looking at Klipsch. It took me a while to decide to go for them, but boy, am I loving them!


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