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Girls' Night Out

I love it how my cousins, my sister, and I have become real friends, as opposed to only being related by blood. You know how sometimes, you have to "put up" with people because they are your relatives? It is not always follow that relatives are good friends.

Last night, my sister and I went out with one of our cousins for a girls' night out. Well, as much of a night out as you can have in Los Baños. It was fun. It was light. It was intense. It was proof that we are friends more than merely being relatives.

First stop of the evening was Boston Cafe, which I had sworn I would never visit again. The facade of this branch tempted Hannah and me, though, so we gave it a shot.
Hannah in front of Boston

I should have stuck to my vow. I would rather go to McDonald's for coffee next time.

We then went to Bonitos, a popular restaurant in the area, for dinner. We had a lovely meal for almost dirt cheap. (I'll have a separate post for the restaurant and food.)
Hannah and Ate Leslie

Feeling like little girls again.

After that huge meal, we moved to LB Square next door for some more drinks. The best shot of the night is this.
Hannah after tasting her cocktail.
And at the end of the night, my tastebuds just wanted something hot and salty. The goto in the alley did the trick! (Goto = rice porridge; I know it doesn't sound good, but trust me, it is!)
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