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Fiesta Espanyol

My brief visit to the city yielded a lot of positive results. I am very happy at the way things have turned out. :)

And, you have got to love friends who can come together any time after a long period of not seeing each other and still have a blast. Our most recent get together was themed "Fiesta Espanyol". Good food. Good company. Excellent evening!

Baked Mussels
 With these two dishes alone, anyone would be happy! Of course, there had to be some Spanish wine...
Spanish Wine

...with a dangling bull to boot!
 Satisfied tummies make for happy people.

 Then you realize you are getting old...two babies when there used to be none...early night...

Life is good!

Oh, and if you are based in Manila, and you want some of that paella (and more), check out Almost Gourmet


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