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Baan Thai @ Los Baños

Several Sundays ago, we went for Thai food after the evening service. I remember having visited this place many years past, but I have only the vaguest recollection of that visit. In any case, I was excited to enjoy Thai flavors again.

To my knowledge, Baan Thai is the only Thai restaurant in Los Baños, but I could be wrong. This place is rather charming, being an old house turned into a dining place. It is not fancy, but aside from the plastic tables and chairs outside, it is acceptable.

Baan Thai from the entrance
We chose this little nook where we could sit on the floor amidst thick cushions. Of course, the kids loved how they could crawl around.

Had to struggle to get them to sit still for this!
The menu is rather small, but the usual suspects are there. As for the prices, check out how cheap they are!
Baan Thai Menu
We did have issues with the waitress, who accidentally cancelled one of our orders. No one threw a fit, but that was enough to cast a shadow over the experience.

We had some Pad Thai, of course. I liked presentation and the consistency of the noodles, but the flavor was a tad too sweet. The dish was on the dry side as well.
Pad Thai

I forget what this dish is called, but the waitress described it as "pork with kangkong". I think she should have said it the other way around: "kangkong with pork". (Kangkong is water spinach.) In all fairness, the flavor was excellent.

This flat noodle beef soup was the best of the lot. You know that distinct Thai basil flavor? The broth was infused with that. And the serving size was huge! You really can't complain about this dish.

I'm such a bad food writer - I don't remember what this is called either. All I remember is that it was very spicy and had little chunks of meat.
Would I go back to Baan Thai? Well, for 4 adults and 2 kids, the bill was only around PHP 500 (or was it PHP 700). You really can't complain with those prices. However, you should not expect too much in service.


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