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To Move or Not to Move?

I suppose I should be more specific. I am thinking - have been thinking - of whether I should start looking for a place of my own again. Some of you may know that I have been staying at my parents' place for the past couple of months, and if you know me, you'll realize the adjustments that I have had to make. Not to mention the adjustments may parents have had to make.

It's nothing to complain about, really. I am lucky enough to have a place to run to anytime I have the need. I have been, however, living "on my own" since I was 15, so this is huge.

Of course, the decision depends on so many factors, the major one being the cost. It's not like I am destitute, but renting a condo will mean shelling out 3 months of rent. Then I have to think of the additional cost of a house cleaning service, electricity, water, and Internet.

I suppose having your own place is still is way affordable here in the Philippines as compared to, say, the US. Just take a look at the cost of Austin maid service, for example. That is one of the most affordable services you can get for quality work, but compared to what they cost here...

By the way, another reason I am hesitant about moving is that I want to save for something big toward the end of the year. I have two options, and Austin is one of them. Why Austin, you say? Check out the 2012 F1 calendar!

So yeah, I am at a point where I have to make a decision whether to go out there and find a new place. There is also the question of WHERE? I honestly do not know yet. Maybe it is not a good idea to make decisions right now. I am still grasping at straws in some aspects of life, so moving might be an option for later down the road.



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