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They say everything happens for a reason. I now think that what has happened in the past months was designed so I could spend some time with my family. In spite of the pain, I think that the results are important. Earlier today, my sister and I had a short talk. We seem to have a lot of these talks nowadays. I guess that's what happens when siblings "grow up". They talk more instead of fight and argue.

Anyhow, today, she mentioned "Patience". You know that song by Guns 'n Roses? When I was in high school, I made it my goal to know the song on the guitar by heart. And boy, did I play it all the time! I loved it because of the melody. I loved the guitar intro. The guitar solo. The whistling.

I am sure I liked the lyrics as well, but thinking about it, I think I have never had to practice patience for real. Until now.

The truth is, I am looking forward to the wonderful things that 2012 will bring. This year will be great. I know it in my bones. Of course, that is partially because I have made a decision to continue making positive changes this year.

That's about it, though. As for the particulars, I have no frakking clue. And that's where patience comes into the picture.

I am talking about patience in the same sense as the image above. Active waiting, you can call it. Even though I do not know where this road leads me, I can't deny that slight fluttering of hope. Hope that things will turn out alright, one way or another. Hope that I am truly learning hard lessons, and that the learning process will make my future better than I ever thought.

Yeah, right now, the details are not clear, and I am seeing patience in a totally different light. Not a bad start to 2012. Not bad at all.

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