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Jewelry Window Shopping

It's Saturday morning, and I am spending a little time browsing the Internet for non-work related stuff. It is rare that I get to do this, but I think I shall make it a point to do it now and then. It will be a good way to detach myself from work, which has practically been everything to me in recent times.

I surprised myself by looking at jewelry web sites. For some reason, I just wanted to look at pretty things today. I guess it's not all that surprising - I remember having a penchant for bracelets and necklaces/pendants as recent as 2010. Then again, I usually go for the basic items and not the expensive ones (as if I could afford them!). Still, just looking at exquisitely made bracelets (like that one above), pendants, earrings, and rings is a pretty laid back way to spend a weekend morning. Never mind that it's all window shopping. It calms one down!

If, however, you like classic jewelry like estate jewelry like on the Titanic, you would have a blast looking at the sites I have been visiting this morning. I guess there is something to be said about pieces that one can wear to accent their clothes. Vintage jewelry is especially beautiful when worn appropriately, isn't it?

Did you know, though, that what we now call jewelry used to be talismans and charms? These items were supposed to either ward of bad luck or draw in good luck. I suppose there still are jewelry pieces that serve this purpose, but I doubt that that is the main thing why people wear jewelry these days.

Anyhow, I guess if you have cash to burn and an eye for pretty, shiny things, then you totally get my jewelry window shopping "spree" this morning. I am sure I will just go to a bazaar some time this month to get some pendants, though.

Do you like jewelry? How do you justify spending so much on jewelry?


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