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Eat-Sumo @ Los Banos

One of the things I really miss about living in the city is the food. Yup, I love good food and the ease by which you can have it when living in the middle of a bustling town. I have been having mixed feelings about going back to what has been home for many years. I do miss my friends a lot. And yes, I miss the food.

After going to the Sunday service late this afternoon, we decided to go out for dinner. It was not horrible, but it really made me excited to go back to what I now like to call smoggy civilization. We chose Eat-Sumo, a Japanese restaurant just a few minutes outside of the campus. I have really been craving sushi these past days, so it was a logical choice.

First impression: don't expect much. 

Ordering counter and kitchen front

The prices are amazingly cheap! However, if you want to go out for a relaxed evening and not have to queue to order, this might not be the perfect place to go.

About the's nothing to write home about, BUT after eons of not having Japanese food, I was rather happy with the ebi and vegetable tempura.

Tempura Bowl
The tamago sushi was not bad, either.

Tamago Sushi
I do have to warn you to stay away from the ramen. I ordered shoyu ramen - perfect for a cold evening, right? The bowl looked cool...
Shoyu Ramen
...but the broth tasted like...I have no idea. I think it might have been tasteless!
Shoyu Ramen
I really did try to eat it, but I couldn't. Luckily, my sister agreed to swap dishes with me. She got gyudon, which was a little too sweet for my preference, but it was okay.
 Guess how much this all cost? Around PHP500! (That's plus 2 other dishes I was not able to take photos of.) Now one can't really complain about the food for that price! Next time, if I go back, it shall be tempura all the way!

Eat-Sumo is located along Lopez Avenue, the main road leading to UPLB. If you're headed toward the campus, you will find it on your right. It is on the second floor of the building where you can find Boston Cafe, the main coffee shop in these parts. (That reminds me of my rekindled dream of opening a coffee shop here!)


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