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Easy on a Saturday Afternoon

Yesterday reminded me of what weekends are supposed to be. When I was a very young kid, our parents used to take us to the soccer field up in the mountain for a picnic. I remember kicking a ball around. 

In the recent years, weekends were either about eating or drinking out with friends or working. Not that there is anything wrong with either - it's just that I seemed to have forgotten that a weekend could be just about sitting around being quiet and not really doing anything. Yesterday, we went out to take the kids to Baker Field, a place in my hometown where I used to play soccer as a high school student.

It was boring at first, but then after a while, you won't be able to help but appreciate your surroundings. Lying down and looking at this view is hard to beat.

View from the grass; the "new" Carillon in the background
 And of course, the kids enjoying themselves is priceless.
We had enough foresight to bring the Mickey mat; I wish I also had my Ratatouille mat!
 Sam using his walker on the grass was not optimal, but it worked! He had a blast going around.
 Here we have our future goalie?
 Sam and Eli even got into a loving mood. They kept wanting to hug and kiss each other. :)

As could be expected, the boys were busted by the time we got home, so the "adults" ended the day with this.
I think it was the first time I didn't have trouble falling asleep in a while.


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  2. Thanks, Diana! I hope you have a great year as well. I'll keep checking out your photos!


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