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Creativity in Play

Oh, the joy of being a kid. I remember Deepak Chopra saying that babies are full of bliss, that they bubble with bliss. Spending time with my nephews, I believe that. Of course, they have their moments - lots of them, actually; moments when the entire neighborhood probably thinks we're abusing them, but in reality they're only having their teeth brushed. In general, though, when one watches them at play, one can't help but feel happy.

One thing I love about these two is the fact that they still go all creative come play time. They are not the most "well-endowed" kids when it comes to toys, but they have their fair share. For Christmas, we got a couple of boxes of Duplo, which Sam and Eli thoroughly enjoy. The other day, though, I saw them having a blast as they found a different way to play with the Duplo box.
Go Kart baby!

Kuya Sam loves hugging Eli, but sometimes, Eli just wants to pretend he is a Mark Webber in the making.
 And, of course, Sam just had to give it a try as well.
It's little too big so I'll turn it upside down.
I remember that, when my sister and I were kids, we didn't have too many toys. I do remember vividly, though, how much I enjoyed pretending that our small coffee table turned upside down was a car. I would "drive" all day long around the very same living room Sam and Eli play in now. Indeed, the bliss that kids enjoy...


  1. Too cute!! Hope you are doing good :)

  2. Kids can really be imaginative and very creative sometimes. Thank you very much for sharing this.

  3. Thank you for sharing this, kids become more creative as they grow older you should keep them playing with their creativity.

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