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Washing the Dishes

I read a story once about how washing the dishes is not simply doing a chore. It's more of learning how to bask in the pleasure of doing something, simply for the sake of being. I wish I could find the story again, but I have tried to no avail. I am probably missing a deep lesson here, but I remembered the story as I find myself doing the dishes for the nth time since I went back to my parents.

It's not like there isn't anyone else who would do it. Truth be told, I hate doing the dishes. That should be "hated", I suppose. These days, I actually look forward to the soothing flow of warm water and the squeaky clean feeling of the dishes after they have been rinsed.

Distraction is a word to describe it, I suppose. And boy, do I know all about distraction. Believe it or not, I have read and searched more about all sorts of stuff that I am not even remotely interested in! All for the sake of distraction. From restaurant equipment for sale to how to properly take care of puppies to how to fried butter balls (yes there is such a dessert) to WordPress tweaks - trust me, I've taken a look at them all.

I'm just tired, and words can't even begin to describe the overall feeling. I know I am supposed to have faith that this, too, will pass. Even as I was washing the dishes, I kept repeating "And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your thoughts" in my head. Together with the manual work, it did soothe me, but here I am with the laptop in front of me again...


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