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Slitting the Piggy Bank's...Butt

I have had this red piggy bank for years, which I used to store mainly 5-peso and 10-peso coins. When I left the condo over a year ago, I decided to leave the piggy bank at home. After all, I knew the kids would enjoy the benefits more than I would. And boy, was I right!

The other day, my sister decided to slit the piggy bank open in time for Christmas. While we didn't get millions, I think that the several thousands (split between Silas, Sam, and Eli) is more than enough! (Sure, we had to borrow some of it. Lean times...but at least we're not worrying about too many debts these days. The house has been paid for, my salary loan is over and done with, and we have no rv loans to worry about!)

Anyhow, more than the money, it was the delight of the kids that made everything worth it.
Elijah doesn't want to let go.

Sam's all excited, but Elijah looks sad.

So the butt gets slit...

Just like winning at slots!
Now the red piggy bank needs to be replaced. We have to wait till January for that, but it's something to look forward to again next year!


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