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Price Tag

Or is it tag price? I remember the first time I heard this song. The band at the beach resort where we were staying played it every single night. Having stayed there for a week, it was inevitable that the song just got stuck in my head. Even as I was falling asleep, I heard "Cha-ching, Cha-ching! Ba-bling, ba-bling!" in my head.

I guess it's not that bad of a song. It was just overexposure.

So last night, I went to meet old high school friends with whom I used to play guitar. I had not touched a guitar for eons, and I couldn't even bring up memories of how to play particular songs anymore. Hence I had to resort to the easiest piece in front of me: Price Tag.

Talk about funny. Song aside, last night's experience was another of those reminders. I used to love playing the guitar. During my rebellious youth, the guitar was my constant companion. Maybe I should pick it up more often, even if my fingertips cry out in pain after strumming a verse! I suppose the atmosphere helped as well, as my friend had built a small hall behind their house which served as our "music area". It was pretty laidback - an open area with amps, speakers, and lots of tool boxes (the huge ones with heavy duty casters). Sure, the night had to end and I still had my moments of zoning out, but every now and then, doing these things helps. Never mind that I keep hearing that song in my head AGAIN.


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