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Picking a Smoking Pipe

Smoking is a habit that is hard to kick, but this is not a post that argues the pros and cons of smoking. Instead, it offers an alternative to the manufactured cigarettes that most people smoke. How about looking at pipe tobacco instead? Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing, they do have health advantages as well.

If you are ready to try using smoking pipes, you ought to know how to pick a good one.

There are tons of pipes to choose from, and those made from briar are always a good choice. Briar pipes are made from raw material that is exposed to the elements, hence the material has its own unique characteristics - characteristics that great pipe makers take into consideration when crafting their creation. One thing to look for: a good pipe is shaped so that it follows the natural grain of the briar. Believe it or not, there are some pipes which follow this grain so perfectly that they can go up to $10,000 per piece! Pipe tobacco smokers will recognize the name Bo Nordh, who made pipes that sold for that whopping price.

While it is admirable to strive for perfection, not everyone can afford to pay $10,000 for a pipe. The good news is that there are many other briar pipes going for $100 and less that may have some surface blemishes, also called sandpits. These blemishes, however do not necessarily have negative effects on the quality of the pipe.

With all the choices that you have when it comes to pipes, make sure that you take your sweet time before committing yourself to a purchase. Think of it as buying something precious like a watch. You want to take a close look and get your hands all over it. You want to make sure that it is the size and shape that you will want to look at and use way down the road.


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