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A Night at Isdaan

"Isdaan" is the Tagalog word for "Fish/Fishing Place". There is a new restaurant by that name a few minutes from my parents' home, and we decided to go there for dinner last weekend. It was an experience to remember, but not in the positive way.

First impression: wow! The place is HUGE and is decorated in the weirdest possible way. Here are some of the most striking statues scattered all over the place. Apologies for the weird colors in some photos. For some reason, the iPhone's camera didn't like the lighting.
At the parking lot 
Silas looking strangely at Erap

Entrance to the dining area

Ginormous elephant heads near our hut

Smiling monk
The concept of Isdaan - from what I gather - is to provide entertainment while dining. With the eccentric mix of decor, though, I think they went overboard, leaving the customer with a sense of being overwhelmed and lost. The dining huts themselves are alright, drawing upon the native style. No steel buildings are to be found in the premises, although I might have missed some areas. I am not exaggerating - the place is huge.
Hannah and Sam 

The dining hut

Elijah not liking being cooped up inside

Sam enjoying the pavement
To give you a better idea of what the place looks like, here are more of the pieces that you see around.
Crocodiles left and right 
This probably means something I have no clue about

This gorilla towers everything. And I mean everything.

I suppose traditional Filipino elements had to be in there somewhere.

Add caption

Of course...

Notice I didn't take photos of the food. It wasn't bad, but it was overpriced for the quality. We ordered the usual Filipino fare - pork sinigang (sour soup), pork and fish sisig (chopped up in a sizzling plate, which was NOT sizzling), their roast chicken specialty (which was not so special), and a whole lot more which really was just plain.

Still, I guess it is something that is worth experiencing at least once - if only to try to wrap your head around what the designers were thinking when they came up with the idea!

To get to Isdaan, follow the main highway south from Los Banos Crossing. The restaurant is at the right side - you definitely won't miss it!


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