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iPod Nano Repair?

It looks like my trusty 5th gen iPod Nano had given up on me. It's been around 2 years since a friend brought it over from the US, and I haven't been really using it much in the past year.

After using it last night to listen to audio books - I think the battery just got totally drained - I was surprised to find out that it wouldn't charge at all this morning. I have had it plugged into the MBA all afternoon, to no avail.

I hope that it is just the battery, as it seems that can be replaced easily enough. It's not that I will die if I don't have the Nano, but it is handier to use than the iPhone when on the exercise bike or when on the road.

To my Manila-based friends, do you have any idea where I can have it repaired (aside from the Apple Store, obviously) on the spot? Or is it a better idea to buy a new mp3 player that is way easier on the wallet?

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