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Darned Termites!

Yesterday I wrote about ants. Today, it's about termites. I have nothing personal against them, but who does not know about the destruction they wreak?

A week ago, I decided to open up one of the boxes containing my books.  I swear, if I had known what was in store for me, I would have gone on a goggles sale hunt. My sister told me she had re-packed the boxes so that the books would be safe. Little did we know that we have a serious termite issue in this house. Those critters are nasty!

Of the huge box of books that I had opened, I was able to salvage only a handful.

Small consolation: most of the Wheel of Time books are still okay, but I lost a few. I lost Dune. I lost so many that took years to "gather". Lesson learned. Don't keep books in boxes unless you're 100% they're safe. Strong case for eBooks. :/


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