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Sam in Therapy

Yesterday, I went with my nephew Sam for his therapy session for the first time. It was clear from the get go that he loved school. He was excited even when he was still getting ready. I loved it that my sister put on a shirt that I got him a while back.
The race driver printed on the shirt is not supposed to be anyone, but I just like to think it's Mark Webber, with the number 2 label. When we got to the school, his excitement was even more uncontrolled. I am glad as it is a sign that he like learning - and his teacher, too! He also was very cooperative, moving around in his walker.
This boy deserves trophies, don't you think? Seeing him like that made me appreciate things even more. He may have the need for a lot of help, but he just keeps going in his innocence. Of course, his little brother Elijah did not want to be left out. Even though he couldn't enter the therapy room, he did his own exercises outside.

In the meantime, the yayas (that includes me!) had their hands full.


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