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Nymeria: The Sweetest Puppy in the World

A few days ago, we finally got a puppy at my parents' house after eons of being dog-less. My sister and I grew up with a menagerie of animals in and outside the house. We always had several dogs. We even had two sheep. There was a flock of pigeons and several hutches filled with rabbits. There was a point when we even had some giant Kabir chickens. I think we had a humongous wild lizard one time. With my dad's love for animals, we never lacked for pets - conventional or otherwise.

As we grew older, though, the number of pets slowly dwindled. After the break in two months ago, though, I thought it was best to get a dog or two again. Finally, we have a puppy!

We have named her Nymeria, from the direwolf that belongs to Arya Stark in the fantasy series "A Song of Ice and Fire". More people would know her from the HBO TV series "Game of Thrones", which is based on the novels by George R.R. Martin.

Our goal was to get a dog that would be a great playmate for Sam and Eli but at the same time, guard the house somehow. When she arrived, though, Nymeria looked so sad.
I guess she was still missing her mommy, as she is only barely over a month old. The boys are another story, however. They immediately took to Nymeria, wanting to hold her and play with her.

Nymeria cried a lot the first two nights, poor baby, but we soon discovered that she just loves being held. Whenever she would start whining, one of us would get her and soothe her, reminding me so much of Elijah who can't get enough of Nymeria as well!

I was surprised to see a series of photos on my phone with the two little ones inside Nymeria's kennel. I guess the Alien-Walker baby decided to invade the puppy's abode. It looks like they were having a blast!

Nymeria needed some meds yesterday, and got all of us in a sort of panic, but thank goodness I was able to get hold of my high school friend who is a vet. After giving Nymeria the meds, she seems much better now although we need to keep observing her. For sure, though, her appetite is back.


  1. Okay, you must have been hired by my husband! He grew up w/ lots of dogs and thinks it would be great for the kids...I was/am a cat person. Your pics are really helping his case though! Such a cutie! :)

  2. LOL. They are good for kids! We actually got another puppy right after Nymeria. I will be posting pics soon. :)

  3. She's really cute. I wanna snuggle her. It's nice to keep a puppy at home.

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