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Is Retail Therapy a Good Idea?

The other night, I was out with friends, and the conversation inevitably turned to retail therapy. There is this prevalent notion that retail therapy can help you deal with stress. Whether you are undergoing stress on a personal or professional level, for some people, spending on themselves is something that always helps. Buying that new bag or pair of shoes; getting a facial; paying for eyelash growth treatment; getting a haircut...these activities seem to ease the level of stress for some. I go back to around two years ago when I was in dire need of retail therapy, at least according to my friends. I resisted at first, but once I started, I kinda got hooked. And so did my credit card. Today, I find myself thinking about whether or not retail therapy does any good. Maybe it does make one feel better for a time, as the new things do serve as a distraction. After the newness wears off, though, where does retail therapy get you? Is it just me, or is retail therapy a slippery slope? What do you think of it?


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