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Counting Blessings

Today, my sister shared this photo on my Facebook wall. It doesn't really need much explanation (just don't mind the typos).
I am reminded of how many blessings there are in life, and that I personally tend to overlook them. I take them for granted until they are remarkably absent. Every now and then, these reminders are good. Today, I am most thankful for the blessings that are my friends and my sister. I am thankful for the people in my life who have contributed to the lessons I have learned; for their strength to do what they believe is right even when I do not agree, and for lending me their strength when I am short on it.


  1. I LOVE this. I always thought I was brave, but I think I'm becoming too timid and cautious...maybe due to having children? Maybe due to having experienced consequences of taking risks? Not sure. But I love remembering that we always get to start fresh even if we fail!

  2. Me, too, Holly. It seems to me it's a pattern for me - brave and adventurous and then I settle into comfort and let myself go. Then things fall apart and then I go back to being brave. Yes, to fresh starts!


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